Making the Connection: Women, Sports and Leadership

In addition to having a lot of fun, the girls of Team NC Baylog receive an ample amount of leadership skills and invaluable experiences that set them up for more success in the future.  Success in their future sports activities and in their college and career pursuits.

Sports and Leadership

There is some impressive research that comes out of the EY’s Women Athletes Business Network that highlights the role of sports in developing women’s leadership potential.  Specifically, there’s the EY and ESPNW’s publication called Where will you find your next leader?  I recommend you take a look at this report.

Playing sports teaches kids the thrill of winning and the not-so-thrilling experience of losing. They gain an understanding early on that you learn from your defeat and then move on.  Team NC Baylog players gain confidence, determination and the ability to work as a team – perfect skills to carry with them throughout life.

Olympic champion and World Cup winner, Brandi Chastion, sums this all up well in the following quote:

Leaders who played sports understand everybody’s significance and can boost those who need help… Competition brings out our potential—sometimes talents we didn’t know we had. Young girls learn about the goal-setting that it takes to be successful, the perseverance that is necessary to be a champion… Young girls who participate in sports have their life altered forever.

Career Success

Girls who play sports go on to work in male-dominated occupations.  A survey of Fortune 500 female executives found that 80% of them played sports in their younger years.  Another survey found that 94% of women in senior executive positions played sports — and the majority of these women connect playing sports to their career success.  This success also translates into higher wages, with women who were athletes earning 7% higher salaries compared to non-athlete women.

Go Team NC Baylog girls now, and well, well, well into the future!

Leadership, Women and Sports: Team NC Champions

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