Looking Back 2014: Scientific Discoveries Made


Scientific Discoveries and Breakthroughs

As we move quickly towards calling 2014 a wrap, here are a few scientific discoveries and breakthroughs made this year.  Far from a complete list, but an interesting one, follows:

  • Kepler -186f was discovered in April.  This planet has been called the “best case yet for a habitable planet”!
  • In recent news, a probe was successfully landed on a comet for the first time.
  • Potential for self repairing of teeth was revealed with a study showing success by using electric currents.
  • Materials that store solar energy “forever”  have been invented, which may answer the industry’s long standing issue with storage of the resource.
  • A new subatomic particle was discovered.
  • The fossils of the biggest dinosaur discovered yet was uncovered.  This creature may have weighed as much as 14 elephants.
  • Scanning of the Stonehenge site has revealed the existence of underground monuments; perhaps as many as 60 huge pillars that are embedded up to 10 feet.
  • For the first time sensory feeling was returned to an amputee when a Danish man received a new type of prosthesis hand that contained electrodes.
  • Stem cells were generated for the first time from adult men.
  • A woman with blood cancer was cancer free after being treated with a single huge dose of measles vaccine.
  • Agricultural advances are likely to cause increases and improvements in food productivity.
  • Japan created the world’s largest indoor farm by repurposing a former semiconductor manufacturing facility.

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The link for this article is here if you would like to read more than just these highlighted discoveries. There are a number of these summary articles, special interests or more general, available at this time of year and they can be well worth reading. As we begin to make plans to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of a new one, it is satisfying to contemplate the achievements and efforts that have been made in the year, both on a world wide scale and on a personal level.

There is much to be grateful for in 2014 – and, of course, much to strive for and contribute to in 2015!

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