Lady Blues Team Invited to Read “A Thank You Letter to Her Dad”

black-40788_150Today I am posting a link to this piece written by Jen Schroeder on Hey Bucket.  Jen was a catcher for the UCLA team from 2004-2008. Her essay is about the positive impact her father had on her personal development, both as a ball player and as a person.  We all want the best for our daughters and putting time and effort in at the ball field is just one of the ways we invest in helping them grow and thrive.  Jen’s piece is a thank-you letter for that love and energy. Here’s a small piece of her work but you will want to read the entire essay.  Enjoy!

It’s weird the transition that occurs between a father/coach and daughter/player. Yes, you are always daddy’s little girl, but you are also his little “project.” Dads always want their daughters to be the best. However, a time exists in every father-daughter relationship when a father “let’s go” in a sense…mine I can remember like it was yesterday…..

….I left for college the fall of 2004. To this day, saying goodbye to my dad was one of the hardest moments of my life. What was I going to do without the daily acts of tough love? Who was going to ground me for my B- in Math? And, who was going to tell me everything that was wrong with my swing until I got it right? As much as I HATED these things, I thrived on them.

Here’s what I learned in college. Dad’s don’t change. Girls don’t change THAT much. And, a daughter will always need her daddy.” – Jen Schroeder, March 2010

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