Team NC Baylog: Three Weekends of Play – And Two Championships!

Team NC Baylog Champions Mothers Day 2015

Team NC Baylog, Mother’s Day 2015 Championships

Team NC Baylog has had a great first half of May 2015.  Three weekends and two championships.

ASA Cystic Fibrosis Benefit Tournament

It started with May 2nd and 3rd play at the ASA Cystic Fibrosis Benefit Tournament.

Game One:  Team NC Baylog    5,    Augusta Flames    1

Game Two:  Team NC Baylog    2,   Maroon Crush     1

Coach Baylog commented ”  The #1 seed out of our pool.  Bracket plays starts tomorrow.  This is the nicest facility we have played at!”

(Where were the girls playing?  Boutetourt Sports Complex in Dalesville, Virginia.)

Game Three:  Team NC Baylog    11,    VA Eagles    3

Game Four:  VA Scrappers    4,   Team NC  Baylog   1

“Had a 1-0 lead going into the 7th inning.  Excellent effort, just need to clean things up!”  said Coach Bill Baylog.


NSA Appreciate Mom Tournament

The one day tournament held on May 9th, 2015 started with two warm up games.  And warmed up , Team NC Baylog certainly was!

Game One:  Team NC Baylog    10,   Southern Inferno    0

Game Two:  Team NC Baylog     7,   Two Out VooDoo   4

Game Three:  Team NC Baylog   11,  Town Extreme   1

And Done!

Champions of the 2015 NSA Appreciate Mom Tournament!”  announced Coach Bill Baylog.

Check out that winning photo above.  Way to make your moms proud!


Team NC Baylog Champions

Team NC Baylog Fastpitch Cup 2015 Champions

WFC MB Fastpitch Cup Tournament

Here comes another championship story for the Baylog team!  Over the weekend of May 16th and May 17th, the team played four games on Saturday and two on Sunday.  All wins!

Game One:   Team NC Baylog    6,     Southern Belles     0

Game Two:  Team NC Baylog     6,    Cape Fear Hurricanes   1

Game Three:  Team NC Baylog   10,   Coastal Lightning    1

Game Four:  Team NC Baylog    15,   Cape Fear Hurricanes    3

Game Five:  Team NC Baylog    5,  Carolina Lightning 0

Coach Bill Baylog said, “Championship game is up next!  Girls are playing great!

Game Six:  Team NC Baylog    14,   Cape Fear Hurricanes  2

Way to go, Team NC Baylog!

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