Anatomy of a Teammate is Required Viewing by Coach Baylog


Powerful Message: Anatomy of a Teammate Video

I asked my fastpitch softball team, the Lady Blues, to watch this 8 minute video, Anatomy of a Teammate.  In fact, I required the athletes and their parents to take the time to hear the powerful message.

Why was this so important?  It is this.   The girls practice softball regularly, learning and honing their skills for playing the sport better.  They learn about the value and the how-to of repetition, strength building, maintaining concentration, pushing the body and the spirit, and they do many very necessary drills.  Yet one of the incredible gifts of being part of a team is just that – being part of a team, and all the responsibility and incredible life lessons that that special membership can give you.   Being not just a teammate in name but also in spirit.

I hope you take some time to watch this clip.

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